Wednesday, January 24, 2018

12 Reasons Why Governments and Private Investors Should Invest in Manufacturing

12 Reasons To Invest In Manufacturing.

1.  Manufacturing creates more jobs than any other sector.

2.  Manufacturing creates more wealth than any other sector

3.  Manufacturing is what made wealthy countries wealthy.

4.  All jobs, including service jobs rely on manufactured goods.

5.  Every manufacturing job supports three additional jobs.

6.  Manufacturing locally prevents losing jobs overseas.

7.  Manufacturing produces exportable goods.

8.  Wealth from global trade is generated from locally manufactured goods.

9.  The economic health of every country is only as good as its manufacturing sector.

10. Manufacturing locally prevents currency flight.

11. To promote “Made In” (your country) to consume locally manufactured goods.

12.  Higher employment rates results in lower crime rates.

Now you know why manufacturing statistics are so closely watch and promoted in the USA, Europe, India and China.

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