Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adding a Manufacturing System to an Existing Cultured Marble Factory

I have visited a lot of cultured marble factories that have been in business for many years, and still do not have a Manufacturing System or conveyor equipment to move the molds through the manufacturing process. There is no reason not to have this equipment. Let me explain how a cultured marble conveyor and storage system will pay for itself in a short period of time, maybe a year or less.

Labor Savings:The equipment in the photo below (I’m showing only the storage racks) was installed a little over a year ago. The shop manager in this factory told me that immediately after they installed it, they finished on Wednesday what it was taking them till Friday to complete. That’s a huge 40% reduction in labor cost! If you produced the same amount of product with only one less employee, that itself would probably pay for the equipment in a year. If you had eight employees, six people would be capable of producing the same amount of cultured marble products per day.

Increased Production:This same factory is producing between 35% to 40% more marble today than they were prior to installing the equipment a little over a year ago. It’s not uncommon to find that a cultured marble shop that is no longer taking any new customers because their production capacity is maxed out. If they would simply install some mold storage and conveyor equipment, they could possibly double their output each day/week/month. If they increased their production only 20% per year, this would pay for the equipment in a year.

Space Savings:You can save an incredible amount of space with the equipment. Each level of each section of storage rack in the photo below is 96 square feet. As you can see, there are five levels in each one of these racks. That is 480 square feet of mold storage space per one, five-level rack. If you take this 480 total square feet per storage rack set, X the five sets of storage racks, you’re looking at a total of 2400 Square Feet of mold racks. That’s a lot of molds in 480 square feet. If this factory had these molds in their factory without the storage racks, they would have wall-to-wall chaos. It would not be possible to move them through the manufacturing process.

Cut Insurance Costs: When you install your equipment, one of the first calls you should make is to your insurance company. Your workman’s comp and liability insurance premiums should drop with the installation of your equipment. You and your employees will never have to lift a mold again. When you reduce your risks, you will reduce your insurance premiums.

Attitudes: The chaos in a factory without equipment is frustrating for everybody. With a cultured marble manufacturing system, your molds will follow a systematic path through the manufacturing process. You can see this flow at http://www.culturedmarblemolds.com/equipment.html. Keep in mind that with one hand, you can easily roll the molds through this manufacturing process. You and your employees will be amazed at how easy cultured marble manufacturing can be when you have the right tool (equipment) to do the job. You’ll see an immediate improvement in attitudes and few more smiles in your factory.

Whether you have a 3,000 square foot or a 20,000 square foot factory, I guarantee you that you will cut labor cost, increase production, save space, reduce your overhead, and have happier and more productive staff in your factory.

Give me a call or fax me a hand-drawn floor plan in your factory and I’ll send you the approximate cost of what a system would cost you. We will need to know the following:

a. width, length, and approximate height of building

b. location of door - both overhead and walk in (people) doors

c. location of columns or post (if any) in the work area

d. changes in the grade or irregularities in the floor (if any) of the work area: ramps, different levels, drains, etc…

e. location of office and rest room areas

f. location of your gel coat spray booth.

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