Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cultured Marble Textured Flooring

Seamless cultured marble flooring can put the finishing touches in a bathroom where you’ve installed other matching cultured marble products. There are no seams or grout lines that collect dirt, and there is nothing easier to keep clean.

I’ve changed my tune a little bit about using cultured marble for flooring. I used to discourage it, but after seeing some cultured marble flooring installations by some customers who purchased the large 5' X 10' textured flooring molds, I see there is a place for cultured marble, onyx, or granite flooring after all. One of the reasons I was never enthused about cultured marble flooring is because cultured marble isn’t as hard as ceramic tile or natural marble. But, if a textured finish (non-slip) cultured marble floor is installed in a low traffic area like a bathroom and not in an foyer where sand and dirt is tracked in from outside, it holds up quite well and compliments the other cultured marble products in the bathroom.

One of your big selling points as a cultured marble manufacturer is being able to provide your customers with ’seamless’ products. Your cultured marble vanity tops, with the built-in bowl and back splash have no seams, therefore there is no place for dirt to hide. Your cultured marble shower surround wall panels are an easy sell for the very same reason since there are no grout lines that stain and breed mold and mildew.

If I am promoting my products as ’seamless’ and I intend to sell flooring, I also want to introduce my customers to ’seamless’ flooring as well. I can make large seamless slate finished textured flooring up to 5 foot by 10 foot using the large 5' X 10' textured flooring mold. Not only is it easy to keep clean, it matches the other cultured marble items I’ve installed in that same bathroom such as the bathtub, shower pan, shower wall panels, vanity top, and other accessories.

All of your molds will have a radius. The radius is needed to allow you to de-mold your products more easily when they are cured. The 12" X 12" Textured Floor Tile mold is no exception. When you remove the 12? floor tiles from the mold, each piece will have this radius around the edges. Therefore, when you place the floor tiles side-by-side, your joint line will be about 1/4 inch wide which is unacceptable for any tile installation. So, not only do you have a room full of ’seams’, you have wide and gaping seams in your installation making it quite busy and unattractive.

So, if you plan on making bathroom flooring in your cultured marble factory, make it seamless for a nice clean installation rather than producing 12" X 12" floor tiles.


  1. Thanks for sharing the idea about cultured marble flooring, its really help to keep non slip bathroom floor.

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