Monday, April 6, 2009

Cultured Marble means “Custom”

One of the greatest things about your cultured marble products is that you can make about any shape, size, or design for a bathroom, kitchen, or other custom installation.

I had been speaking for a couple weeks, to someone who wanted to start a new cultured marble factory. After all this conversing and answering questions, he said one of the reservations he had about this business is that everything had to be made in standard sizes and that in his country, there was no such thing as ’standard sizes’. He was worried that he would not be able to market his product since all the molds come with pretty numbers; 22", 25", 10 foot, etc., and he assumed that he would have to make his products using the same perfect numbers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As a manufacturer of cultured marble, being able to custom fit your products to fit into any space is a huge selling point for you and I can’t believe I hadn’t stressed this fact more in the website. I guess I hinted this point in the earlier Blog article I wrote about using templates, but I didn’t address it directly.

For example, many vanity tops are installed between two walls. Whether that vanity top needs to be a standard size 37 inch or a custom 96 inch, you can make it on your 12 foot All Purpose Mold with your floating bowls. You can also increase or decrease the depth, and locate the sink in that countertop anywhere you want. The framers (carpenters) will determine where the walls are located and how square or un-square they are, and you will make the piece to fit.

Whether you’re making odd shaped flat products such as bathtub decks, coverings for coved window ledges, caps for room dividers, shelving, wall paneling with special requirements, ‘L’ shaped, ‘Z’ shaped, or half round countertop, no problem. You can make it.

If your customer needs an odd shaped shower pan size, you can make it.

If the framer squeezed that 72" bathtub opening that now won’t fit a standard size tub, no problem, you can make it.

Many times, you will get a job because you ‘can’ custom fit your products for the situation. As the manufacturer, you will be the problem-solver for your customer, and you will get paid handsomely for it.

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